healthy fats

It’s Time To Start Eating Fat Again!

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How many diet crazes can you name? A few come to mind for me: the cabbage soup diet, the Atkins diet and the Paleo diet. While I don’t disagree with all aspects of these diet crazes—and I even follow a few of their principles—one diet craze that I’m happy has ended is the low-fat diet. We are truly starting to realize that it’s time to eat fat; that eating fat will not make us fat; and that certain low-fat foods are far worse for us than we first thought!

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pursuit of fitness

Perfection Isn’t Necessary in the Pursuit of Fitness

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I believe that one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to the pursuit of fitness, whether you have the goal of losing weight or achieving a better physique, is this all-encompassing idea that we have to be perfect. Ideas such as needing to eat a certain way all the time, that we must work out all the time, and can never let loose are examples of a devastating mindset that ultimately destroys our ability to achieve and maintain our fitness goals.

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