Patrick Baker Massage Therapist
Patrick Baker
Massage Therapist/Acupuncturist

I am a licensed massage therapist from Ashmead School of Massage since 2003. I am also a licensed acupuncturist since 2014. I have a Master’s degree in science and acupuncture, and a bachelor’s degree in natural health medicine, from Bastyr University.

I specialize in clinical injury treatment style therapy, and incorporate acupuncture with massage therapy and cupping, to achieve a mixed modality therapeutic approach toward clinical injury treatment. Utilizing ‘painless-needling’ techniques and silicone-style cupping to achieve a form of myo-fascial release, which help to release deep muscular and connective tissue tightness, while limiting the stereotypical markings that are common with traditional glass cupping. Utilizing acupuncture techniques with massage has the added benefit of mutual reinforcement, meaning that the acupuncture helps release deep muscular and connective tissue tightness making it easier to release muscular tightness with massage; while utilizing massage therapy techniques help reinforce the stimulation of the meridians and channels initiated with acupuncture treatments. One can receive a combination of both acupuncture and massage, or if so desired, treatments can also consist of acupuncture or massage alone.

Cheridan Eck Massage Therapist
Cheridan Boyd-Eck
Massage Therapist

I am a graduate from Cortiva Institute Of Seattle Massage School. I continue to enjoy the opportunity of working as a massage therapist, with the amazing staff at Harbor Square Athletic Club.
I also teach various fitness classes at the club, and have an extensive background of over 30 years of fitness training.

My approach to bodywork is to integrate Swedish, deep tissue and trigger point style massage, sports massage, prenatal massage, myofascial and connective tissue release, as well as listening to the body's innate ability to heal itself, and create the ideal environment for your body to unwind and relax. Through compassionate and careful listening, I am able to address both physical and energetic issues that can gently usher your body toward peace, balance, relaxation and the potential for deep releasing of all kinds.

Mary Larsen Massage Therapist
Mary Larson
Massage Therapist

As a massage therapist of over 30 years, It continues to be a joy working at HSAC for over 20 years. I am a graduate of the Swedish Institute School of Massage in New York City, and am licensed in both New York and Washington State. In the earlier part of my profession, I had the privilege of working with a New York neurologist, who was on the AMA board, to conduct a study of how massage therapy affected his patients' pain levels. It was a study that nationally changed how the medical profession viewed massage. The study concluded that massage therapy works!

The modalities I use are Swedish technique applied to various pressure requested by clients, including deep tissue treatment; medical massage, injury treatments (I am a PIP provider for auto accident claims), prenatal massage, people living with cancer, aromatherapy, 30 minute Face Massage, and kinesiology taping. My goal with every client is to always address what their individual needs are. To all my clients at HSAC, thank you for letting me be part of your wellness journey!

Head shot of Jane W massage therapist at harbor square gym in Edmonds
Jane Wood
Massage Therapist

I am a graduate of West by Northwest School of Massage in Everett and I'm thrilled to be part of the Harbor Square LMT team! I was led to massage because I have benefited greatly from receiving many massages over the years and becoming a LMT aligned to my personal values and goals: long term vitality, learning, and helping people.

My goal is to provide a relaxing and therapeutic experience for my clients that leaves them feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. My style of massage incorporates Swedish, deep tissue, stretching, myofascial release, and other modalities which I use to tailor each client's session to their individual needs and goals. I am passionate about self care and hope to help you on your journey to find balance amidst the busy modern day lifestyle!

Michelle Nobel
Michelle Noble
Massage Therapist
Craniosacral Therapist

As a massage therapist for over 25 years, I’ve worked with clients from all walks of life to assist them in having more ease with their bodies. I believe that living our best lives comes from having a great relationship with our bodies -- not treating them like an irritation we have to put up

In every session I strive to listen to my clients and their bodies to design a massage that will meet them where they are at and support them in their healing and wellness goals. I am well-versed in injury treatment, deep tissue, Swedish massage, and fascial release techniques, but
my particular expertise is in craniosacral therapy, slow and gentle unwinding techniques, and energetic therapies. I have additional training working with the nervous system to reduce hypervigilance, embodied trauma responses, and PTSD. The gentle nature of the work makes it safe and effective for those with complex health issues, pregnancy, or a preference for light touch or receiving bodywork fully clothed.

I graduated from Utting School of Massage in 1997, and have taken a wide variety of continuing education, including craniosacral therapy training through Bastyr University, and energetic bodywork training and certification through Access Consciousness®. I am honored and delighted to be a part of the Harbor Square Athletic Club team!

Jennifer Hansen HSAC Massage Therapist
Jennifer Hansen
Massage Therapist

I have been a massage therapist for 20 years. I studied massage at Ashmead college in Seattle. I also have an undergraduate degree in psychology (University of Montana).

I integrate Swedish massage, relaxation, deep tissue, and injury treatment modalities into my work. I also do prenatal massage.
In this fast-paced world, body work is therapeutic and extremely beneficial to our well-being. Massage connects our mind to our body and helps with pain, decreases stress, increases relaxation, and promotes recovery.

I will listen to you and work with you to address your needs.
I am excited to join the team at Harbor Square!

Erian Goodson
Erian Goodson
Massage Therapist

I am a graduate of Bellevue Massage School, and I am excited to be part of the Harbor Square Athletic Club community. I bring with me a depth of knowledge in anatomy and kinesiology, which complements my background in nutrition.

The education and experiences that led me to this work inform my approach as a holistic oriented massage therapist. My style of bodywork includes Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point techniques, myofascial release, muscle energy work, stretching, craniosacral, visceral manipulation, and hydrotherapy. My intention is to offer individualized bodywork sessions through relaxation, healing touch, and treatment focused techniques.

I trust that the body possesses an innate wisdom that allows for self-healing if given the opportunity. I look forward to meeting you!

Headshot photo of Edmonds massage therapist Leslie Amman
Leslie Amman
Massage Therapist

I am a graduate of Ashmead School of Massage in Seattle since 2005. I have worked in depth with some of the top spas in Washington. With experience, skill, and intuition, my clients feel stress melt away, muscles relax, a change in posture, and relief from pain. Now accepting new clients. 

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