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Stretch, Breathe & Relax in Our Gorgeous Yoga Studio

We offer daily Vinyasa yoga classes taught by our wonderful instructors. Our classes and instructors vary in experience, personality and style. Each instructor brings a unique quality and background to their class. Come join us — we are confident you will find a yoga class that fits your “yoga personality”.

Hatha Flow

This class integrates elements of stabilization and movement. Emphasis is on individual expressions of poses, and transitions with the understanding that mind-body-breath connections are uniquely tuned to each person and are to be honored. The class is suitable for all levels, with freedom to adapt, explore, energize and release!

Hatha Flow

Vinyasa Yoga​

Vinyasa Yoga

We will flow through poses connecting movement to breath. This flow keeps the body warm and engaged throughout the class and maintains a playful, dance-like quality. There is no set sequence and each teacher brings his/her own style.

Gentle Yoga

This yoga moves at a slower pace being a wonderful  place to develop a deeper understanding of the alignment of each  pose. The focus is to release resistance and tension from the  muscles and joints. 

Gentle Yoga

Mindful Flow

Mindful Flow Yoga

A blend of dynamic movement and strong,  static poses that will get the body moving, energized and opened up.  Class focuses especially on postural integrity, balance, and  steadiness. 

Fit for Life Chair Yoga (Gentle)

Class begins with seated stretches, then moves into standing yoga postures with the chair used as needed for support. Deeper seated stretches and a final relaxation bring the class to a close. Perfect for those seeking a gentle yoga practice and/or those recovering from an injury or needing balance support. 

Chair Yoga



50 minutes – A uniquely designed yoga fusion class that brings together the best of Yoga and Barre — giving you the sculpting results of Barre and the strength & flexibility of Yoga. This is a sweaty, calorie burning workout that gets you amazing results!

Respect for Studio/Class Etiquette

At Harbor Square we value our member’s class experience from start to finish. Our studio is equipped with Manduka yoga mats but you are welcome and encouraged to bring your own. If using studio mats we ask that member’s wipe them down before and after each use. The club provides all the necessary equipment-cleaning materials at the front desk and in each studio.

Yoga blankets, blocks, and other props may be used during class. If props are used, they are to be cleaned and put away neatly where they were found.

Laundry baskets are provided for used towels/blankets.

Please turn off cell phones and (if you safely can) remove shoes before stepping on the studio floor.

Please arrive on time. If you do arrive late, it is courteous to enter quietly and while class is in motion.

Please do not enter the class during mediation or if the class is quiet.

If you are new to our classes, we encourage you to arrive early and introduce yourself to your instructor.

We are excited to have you in class! 

Respect & Etiquette

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