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vegetarians feast

Create a Vegetarian Feast for Your Fest with 3 Healthy Takes on Classic Holiday Foods

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Are you ready to slice honey baked ham and candied yams from your holiday menu? Why not create a hearty meatless meal that includes favorite seasonal foods? The vegetarian menu below features thick, satisfying portobello mushroom steaks and twists on classic sides. Interesting sides featuring yams, cauliflower and green beans will add color, depth and loads flavorful nutrition to your holiday feast.

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feel hungry

Fitness Tip of the Week: 4 Reasons You Feel Hungry

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Do you feel hungry all the time? It’s frustrating, right? You try to eat clean, work out on a regular basis and take care of yourself, but uncomfortable and annoying hunger pangs seem to haunt you throughout the day. There are some common reasons why you might be feeling hungry all the time, and fortunately, they’re easy to fix! Let’s go over a few of these so you can stay on track, feel less hungry and reach your fitness goals:

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southern jambalaya

30 Minute Meals: Southern Jambalaya

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You can get back to your southern roots (or find them) with this healthy, versatile, delicious recipe for southern jambalaya. Typically found in southern Louisiana’s Cajun Country, jambalaya has found its way into other regions because of its wonderful flavor, ease of preparation, and versatility – plus it just tastes good! This rice based dish works well with chicken and sausage, seafood, or if you are feeling particularly southern, gator and andouille sausage.

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overeating tips

4 Overeating Tips to Save Your Diet

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Do you struggle with overeating? Don’t worry—you aren’t alone. There are millions of tasty options and tempting desserts, and fast-food restaurants on almost every corner. Food tastes good and has an emotional component. Eating usually makes us happy, and we tend to indulge when we’re stressed, tired or socializing. And let’s face it, we need to eat to survive.

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healthy eating on the go

7 Tips for Healthy Eating On the Go

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Sure, it’s easy to eat healthy when you’re cooking fresh produce at home. But what about when you’re on the go? If you give up and head for fast food any time you are busy with work or life, you will wreck any progress you’re making at the gym. Today, we’ve got 7 tips for healthy eating on the go that will help you stick with your wellness resolutions no matter where life takes you.

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