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getting sick

3 Behaviors That Increase Your Chances of Getting Sick

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As we approach December, the weather changes and temperatures drop. While it’s an exciting time of year with Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching, it also brings an influx of colds and flus. And while we all know that getting more rest, supplementing with Vitamin C and zinc, and taking care of ourselves on a regular basis can aid in the fight to keep our immune system strong, did you know that there are some common behaviors that can increase your chances of getting sick?

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family fitness

Five Compelling Benefits of Family Fitness

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Are you the proud parent of young kids? If you’re currently raising youngsters at home, you might frequently become awed by the amount of energy they have. You may even rationalize that you would work out more often if you possessed your children’s energy levels. Unfortunately, you’re ashamed to admit how many times you’ve visited the gym this year. If you can relate to this scenario, you need to make fitness a family priority for the future. Consider the five following benefits of engaging in family fitness.

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trouble sleeping

Trouble Sleeping? 5 Tips to Help You Slumber

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Are you tired of tossing and turning for hours in bed before falling asleep? Perhaps, you’ve even pondered counting sheep, but aren’t sure if it would help. If you frequently battle insomnia, you might routinely feel tired, irritable, and anxious. And, your physical health may be declining as well. A lack of sleep can lead to a myriad of serious health conditions such as a heart attack and high blood pressure. If you’re experiencing trouble sleeping, consider trying the following 5 tips to help you slumber.

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workout injuries

Workout Injuries: Strains Vs. Sprains

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Sprains and strains are both painful to have and need time to heal to prevent further injury. These workout injuries can occur at any time and are often unrelated to sports or other forms of physical activity and exercise. They can range in severity from mild to severe and may continue to worsen if proper measures aren’t taken to prevent the joint from being overused or repeatedly stressed.

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eating more food

Lose Weight by Eating More Food!

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Yes! You’re reading the title of this blog correctly. You can lose weight by eating more food. I promise. But the caveat here is eating the right foods. You can’t fill your plate with doughnuts and pizza. You need to choose foods that are low-energy-density foods. Say what? Don’t get too worried; I’m about to explain what this all means for you. Energy density is defined as kcal/g of food, or how many calories are packed into each gram of the food you’re eating.

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