Group Fitness Yoga

We offer daily Vinyasa yoga classes taught by our wonderful instructors. Our classes and instructors vary in experience, personality and style. Each instructor brings a unique quality and background to their class. Come join us, we are confident you will find a yoga class that fits your “yoga personality”.


Respect for studio/class etiquette

We do provide yoga mats although we highly recommend bringing your own yoga mat. If you do use studio mats, please use the cleaning spray provided. Please put props away neatly. Roll mats and stack them in the cabinet. Fold blankets and stack blocks in the storage cabinet. Please turn off cell phones and remove shoes before entering the studio floor. Please arrive on time, if you do arrive late enter the class while the class is moving. Please do not enter the class during mediation or if the class is quiet. If you are new to our classes please arrive early and introduce yourself to your teacher, we are excited to meet you and help make your yoga experience enjoyable!

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Gentle Vinyasa (all fitness levels)

This Vinyasa class will focus on breath synchronized movement at a slower and less strenuous pace. This is a wonderful place to develop a deeper understanding of the alignment of each pose and how to use your breath to move from one posture to another. Props can be utilized to provide a safe and more comfortable experience for students with physical tension and or injuries. The focus is on deeper stretching to release resistance and tension from the muscles joints.

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Vinyasa Flow (all fitness levels)

This yoga class is physically challenging yet mentally and emotional relaxing. The workout can be modified to work for the beginner participant. The vinyasa style of yoga links the breath to the fluid movement of sun salutations making the practice athletic yet gentle and fun. 2/3 of the class will be high energy while the last part of each class is focused on unwinding to bring the body and mind to a deeply connected place.


Power Vinyasa (intermediate/advanced)

This yoga class offers the same active, fluid movements of Vinyasa classes with opportunity to hold postures longer and add intensity to keep the body heated and heart rate up. This class challenges your edge and will sculpt, tone and elongate your muscles. Like all yoga classes you will be provided with plenty of opportunities to surrender the stresses of everyday life and focus on becoming more present and centered in the breath.

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Fit for Life Yoga (beginner/gentle)

This chair based yoga class is a great class for all body types and fitness levels. Whatever your age, ability or activity level – this yoga class can work for you. Great for seniors, pre-natal, post surgery, or whatever may limit your mobility.