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We know that anything worth doing, is worth doing right. At Harbor Square our goal is to provide a well-articulated, full-service fitness experience aimed at guiding you towards your “better”. You will find a professional facility staffed with knowledgeable and qualified individuals ready to assist you.

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  • Pilates/Yoga Studio
  • Massage Rooms
  • Kids Zone Play Area and Childcare
  • 5 Racquetball courts
  • 20-yard, 4-lane pool
Room to get squared away.


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Club News

HSAC Staff Highlight–
Bryn Hannold

Have you considered personal training?   Maybe you aren’t even sure if it is something you “need”. The benefits of personal training are often unknown until you experience the value of working with a trainer first hand. Even just learning a few tips or implementing minor adjustments to your work out can make a big difference in your results. We recently welcomed an amazing new personal trainer to our team; Bryn Honnold. Bryn was a competitive soccer player and track athlete. An Edmonds native, he graduated from Meadowdale High School where he participated in the Sports Medicine Program as a student athletic trainer. He attended the University of Montana where he was a student senator and volunteered for the ALS Foundation. He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Exercise Science. Bryn has worked as a physical therapy aide and an exercise specialist. His passion is to empower and…
March Madness Cover
Club News

Balanced Habits –
March Madness Edition

Diet Brackets Fad Diets, Counting Calories, Fasting, Juicing, High Protein, Low Fat, Whole Foods, No Carbs, Low Carbs… No wonder we are overwhelmed, discouraged and numb to the latest or greatest health trends around us. We are sick of yo-yos and bandwagons. Yet, we want to be healthier. We want to know what is real and helpful when it comes to nutrition and our overall wellness. How do we discern the peaceful, clear route amidst the crooked chaos of information? How can we stay grounded while the madness of different health messages suck the courage to try something new or better away? We are individuals with beautiful, unique stories that make us all wonderfully human. We have body strengths and weaknesses. We all have tendencies and traumas that make our approaches to health and wellness complicated. There aren’t actual quick fixes out there that thoroughly address our whole selves and…