Thanksgiving Club Hours: 5am-4pm

KidZone: Closed

Smoothie Bar: 5am-4pm

Group Exercise: Modified

MUV: None


Pardon Our Dust

Smoothie Bar Remodel

Overnight construction: BEGIN November 11.

The Smoothie Bar: CLOSED November 18-25.

The new Smoothie Bar: OPEN Monday, November 25!


Intro To Enneagram

With Freya Kennedy

Two Intro Classes: 60 minutes - $20

Monday, Nov 18th
Tuesday, Dec 3rd

Classes will be held in the conference room at 6:30pm.



Lobby Racquetball Court (Court 1)

Monday: Yoga
Wednesday: Where the Wild Kids PLAY
Friday: Tumble & Play

For questions contact
KidZone Manager Sonjia Gavin.
425.778.3546 ext 113


Group Fitness Etiquette Reminders

When the door is closed, class has already started

Be mindful of your fellow members and class participants.

Wait outside the studio, quietly, until the current class is over and the doors are opened by the instructor.

Do not come into class late. If you are late, wait for the next class on the schedule.

Here to Help You Do More

We know that anything worth doing, is worth doing right. At Harbor Square our goal is to provide a well-articulated, full-service fitness experience aimed at guiding you towards your “better”. You will find a professional facility staffed with knowledgeable and qualified individuals ready to assist you.

Start Your Journey
  • Pilates/Yoga Studio
  • Massage Rooms
  • Kids Zone Play Area and Childcare
  • 5 Racquetball courts
  • 20-yard, 4-lane pool
Room to get squared away.


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Club News

Important! Upcoming Changes at the Club

We are always striving to improve your membership experience at Harbor Square Athletic Club. Continuousupgrades to our facilities and services, taking us from “Good” to “Best”, are a top priority, therefore increasing the value you receive as a member. We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that we have commenced on our latest renovation project. Our membership has grown immensely and the fitness industry continues to evolve. To keep Harbor Square relevant, on the cutting edge, and providing our members with the best and most innovative equipment, we are expanding the downstairs functional training space into Court 8. While we regret that our allocated space will result in the omission of this tennis court, we hope that the addition and improvement of several amenities will result in a paramount fitness experience. These improvements include the continuation of our current functional training space, additional fitness equipment, a multi…
Club News

Health Coach’s Corner:
Balanced Habits Update

The holiday season is in full affect, especially at Costco, with Christmas decorations already being sold! Where did the time go? We have had some amazing results with our Balanced Habits 28 day Kick Starters this past month! Those that really embraced the program have found a new balance with food that they can carry on throughout this holiday season. If you didn’t get the opportunity to do Kick Start, don’t worry! You always have the opportunity to sign up for our Life program. Our “Lifers” are getting real, life changing results! The “Life” program is founded on the same principle of balanced eating with weekly one on one help from a supportive food coach. So, let’s think about how you want to ring in the New Year. Why not step into the New Year feeling your best, with confidence, instead of waiting for it? Life is short and there…