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You’re Buff! But Showering Attention on Four Neglected Areas Can Make You Stronger

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If you spend any time at the gym, chances are you’re keenly aware of killer core workouts, ab-blasting moves and bicep builders. It’s likely you’ve witnessed people pushing out squats and bench presses to pump up their most visible muscles. It looks impressive! But, you know what’s really smart? Zoning in on those less visible muscles too, in order to stave off injury and get the most out of all the moves you do.

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Build A Better Backside

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Bigger backsides are in fashion. From Jennifer Lopez to Kim Kardashian to Meghan Trainor, pop culture is celebrating bountiful booties. And the obsession doesn’t end with celebs; the number of buttock augmentations in the United States rose by 58 percent last year. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 11,527 procedures were performed in 2013.

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