Massage at Harbor Square

Massage therapy has many benefits for our well-being:

  • Relieves stress and anxiety by promoting relaxation.
  • Enhances sleep quality.
  • Improves the circulatory system, respiratory system and lymphatic system, which improves body function.
  • Helps relieve muscle pain, muscle soreness, muscle fatigue, muscle stiffness.
  • Enhances tissue elasticity, and joint mobility and flexibility.
  • Eases pressure and pain caused by headaches.
  • Soothes arthritis pain.
  • Helps to aid in rehabilitation post operative and after injury.
  • Flushes toxins and lactic acid out through the lymphatic system post workout, speeding the recovery from strenuous physical exertion.
  • Helps the body to prepare and recover from athletic events.
  • Promotes well-nourished and healthy skin.


Massage sessions are by appointments only.


  • Call to schedule your appointment today: (425) 778-3546

*Club membership not required to schedule.

**If cancellation is necessary, please call at least 6 hours in advance of your scheduled sessions.

Payment options: Club account, Credit Card, Check/Cash.

NOTE: We are not providers for health insurance plans, however, Mary Larson is a provider for PIP (car accident related injury) and L&I (work related injury) claims.

Additional Massage Information

Our experienced and skilled licensed massage therapists will do everything possible to ensure your massage session is a positive wellness experience, restoring balance and natural health. Appointment options are available 7 days a week. Two massage rooms are located in the upper floor at the Club.

Give a gift of health and well-being! Gift Certificates are available at the club’s front desk.

Massage Session Rates

  • $55 – 30 minutes
  • $80 – 60 minutes
  • $105 – 90 minutes

NEW! Acupuncture

  • $85 – 60 minutes