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The Foundation for Everything: Proper Breathing Can Change Your Workouts (and Life)!

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Without a steady dose of oxygen, you wouldn’t be reading this sentence, let alone be able to process the information that follows. Your body- brain, muscles, organs, bones- needs oxygen to produce energy and repair and produce cells. Gratefully, your autonomic nervous system allows you to take in oxygen without having to focus on every single breath.

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Running on Air: Breathing Tips for Runners

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The key to becoming an advanced runner is finding the right breathing pattern. The reason that the woman on the treadmill next to you can run for five miles but breathe like she’s standing still is because she knows how to breathe. It takes practice at first, but when you’ve mastered it, breathing while running will become second nature. Learning how to breathe correctly while running will help to prevent those annoying side stitches, get more oxygen into your bloodstream and increase lung capacity and endurance. Follow these breathing tips and your runs will becomes less labored and more enjoyable.

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