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You’re Buff! But Showering Attention on Four Neglected Areas Can Make You Stronger

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If you spend any time at the gym, chances are you’re keenly aware of killer core workouts, ab-blasting moves and bicep builders. It’s likely you’ve witnessed people pushing out squats and bench presses to pump up their most visible muscles. It looks impressive! But, you know what’s really smart? Zoning in on those less visible muscles too, in order to stave off injury and get the most out of all the moves you do.

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Praise the Plateau, then Move Onward and Up!

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The word plateau in fitness is often used negatively. However, a plateau simply means you’ve reached solid, steady ground. A plateau doesn’t necessarily mean stagnation and back-pedaling. It might be frustrating when you’re not seeing huge weight loss or strength gains. However, you are also not packing on pounds or losing strength. Reaching a plateau can be seen as an accomplishment. The truth of the matter is, though, human bodies are in constant flux and continual change.

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Perfection Isn’t Necessary in the Pursuit of Fitness

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I believe that one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to the pursuit of fitness, whether you have the goal of losing weight or achieving a better physique, is this all-encompassing idea that we have to be perfect. Ideas such as needing to eat a certain way all the time, that we must work out all the time, and can never let loose are examples of a devastating mindset that ultimately destroys our ability to achieve and maintain our fitness goals.

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Indoor Triathlon Training: Alternative Exercises For Winter

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In cold weather climates, certain aspects of triathlon training are, by necessity, pushed indoors for the winter months. This presents a significant training challenge for triathletes, as it can be very difficult to mimic the feel of road biking on a stationary cycle or open-water swimming in a 25-meter lap pool. However, by getting creative, dedicated triathletes can cobble together an indoor triathlon training program capable of minimizing lost progress during the off-season. Consider using one or more of the following solutions when winter gets in the way of triathlon training:

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Fitness Tip of the Week: Build Stronger Hamstrings

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The hamstrings are an important part of “leg day” that shouldn’t be avoided. They serve many functions outside of the obvious, such as allowing us to flex or bend our knees. They also help us thrust our hips, tilt our pelvis and run fast, and they assist in building amazing glutes! So how can you build stronger hamstrings? Integrate these training tips:

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What’s the Best Exercise Equipment for Your Workout Goals?

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The type of workout equipment you have in your home or use at the gym will vary depending on your workout goals and other needs. Whether you have disposable income to go toward your home gym or you need to stick to a budget, whether you’re a dedicated athlete or you simply want to stay healthy, and whether you have a lot of space or not, you can find equipment that fits your situation.

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Fitness Tip of the Week: Dynamic Duo Workouts

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One of the most common excuses for gaining weight is “I don’t have enough time to work out.” Well I’m going to smash that excuse and give you an easy way to get fit fast. With dynamic duo workouts, or supersets, you’ll pair two non-competing exercises back-to-back. As a result, you’ll burn more calories and get out of the gym faster.

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