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Don’t Let Weak Wrists Get the Best of Your Workout

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Our wrists are super important. Virtually everything we do with our hands requires both a stable and mobile wrist. This joint contains at least 10 bones (8 carpal bones plus the ulna and radius) plus tons of ligaments and connective tissues. It serves as the protective passageway through which nerves, muscles, and other tissues pass from our forearms into our arms. But, most of us will only rarely perform exercises intended to strengthen our wrists and forearm muscles, if ever. In fact, we may only think about our weak wrists when they are giving us trouble!

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build stronger hamstrings

Fitness Tip of the Week: Build Stronger Hamstrings

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The hamstrings are an important part of “leg day” that shouldn’t be avoided. They serve many functions outside of the obvious, such as allowing us to flex or bend our knees. They also help us thrust our hips, tilt our pelvis and run fast, and they assist in building amazing glutes! So how can you build stronger hamstrings? Integrate these training tips:

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