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stronger shoulder muscles

4 Exercises to Build Stronger Shoulder Muscles

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Your shoulder is the most mobile joint in your body and requires a perfect coordinated balance between dozens of muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and bones in order to work correctly. And while it’s great the shoulder can move so much (allowing us to do everything from lifting our kids to lifting our arms out on the dance floor), this wide range of motion does potentially increase the risk for injury.

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Don’t Let Weak Wrists Get the Best of Your Workout

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Our wrists are super important. Virtually everything we do with our hands requires both a stable and mobile wrist. This joint contains at least 10 bones (8 carpal bones plus the ulna and radius) plus tons of ligaments and connective tissues. It serves as the protective passageway through which nerves, muscles, and other tissues pass from our forearms into our arms. But, most of us will only rarely perform exercises intended to strengthen our wrists and forearm muscles, if ever. In fact, we may only think about our weak wrists when they are giving us trouble!

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progressive pull-ups

Tone Your Upper Body with Progressive Pull-Ups

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One of the most effective upper-body, bodyweight exercises you can perform is the pull-up. The pull-up uses your lats, rhomboids, posterior delts and biceps, plus it relies on your core for stability. However, a pull-up is also an incredibly difficult exercise as you have to pull up your entire body weight against the downward force of gravity. If you are just beginning your pull-up journey or think you’ve taken your pull-ups to the max, try these suggestions to boost the effectiveness of this exercise.

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workout spotter

Using a Workout Spotter in the Gym

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A workout spotter is someone who is available to assist in a lift or exercise if needed. Spotters are needed when a person is lifting free weights or performing any exercise where a high risk of injury is present. Having a spotter present helps reduce the risk of injury in several ways. They can help lift the weight if it is too heavy or cumbersome to be lifted efficiently. Secondly, they can guide a lifter’s movements to ensure proper lifting technique and maintain a steady rhythm during the lift. Jerking movements can throw a lift off balance, resulting in injury and damage to the equipment.

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family fitness

Five Compelling Benefits of Family Fitness

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Are you the proud parent of young kids? If you’re currently raising youngsters at home, you might frequently become awed by the amount of energy they have. You may even rationalize that you would work out more often if you possessed your children’s energy levels. Unfortunately, you’re ashamed to admit how many times you’ve visited the gym this year. If you can relate to this scenario, you need to make fitness a family priority for the future. Consider the five following benefits of engaging in family fitness.

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group fitness classes

The Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

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Group fitness classes offer several benefits to participants, especially if they are new to the gym. Many people choose to include group fitness classes in their workout schedule because they break up the monotony of using a treadmill, lifting weights and other conditioning exercises. Group fitness classes also offer a sense of support and camaraderie for women who often get discouraged when they work out by themselves.

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workout injuries

Workout Injuries: Strains Vs. Sprains

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Sprains and strains are both painful to have and need time to heal to prevent further injury. These workout injuries can occur at any time and are often unrelated to sports or other forms of physical activity and exercise. They can range in severity from mild to severe and may continue to worsen if proper measures aren’t taken to prevent the joint from being overused or repeatedly stressed.

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strength training

Strength Training for Runners

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If you want to be a stronger and faster runner, you need to incorporate strength training into your exercise program, a fact that surprises most runners. Strength training for runners will not only improve your performance, it can forestall injuries that will sideline you from running. Add these strength training exercises to your routine to boost performance.

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Success Obstacle

Overcoming A Success Obstacle

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We’ve all been there. We’ve all felt it—the realization that our goal hasn’t been met and the painful disappointment that we experience at the same time creates powerful negativity. This negativity can be so damaging that it keeps us from trying again or believing that we can have a different outcome. Ugh! I like to categorize this experience and emotional pain as a success obstacle.

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